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We are pleased as punch to share the permaculture design course at the Faul Family Riverside Farm starting in February. Andre Faul and his family have been inspired by the work of Joel Salatin and others in search of a healthy farming approach. This still-in-development farm will be the site for most of our course weekends beginning in February in the Louisville area, and we wanted to give you a sneak peak.

Andre shared this in our initial conversations:

Before we started this farming venture my dad and I traveled to Virginia and attended a workshop at Polyface Farm.  It was very interesting and we picked up a lot of very interesting ideas while at the workshop.  This year we raised meat chickens on one of of pastures using moveable shelters similar to what Salatin uses.  
I like to think of the farm as one big system with multiple parts that all work together and interact.  Changing one part affects other parts and the system as a whole, so careful thought has to go into changes that want to be made.  I like to say that we raise a product that is good for the animal, good for the land and good for the consumer. We are also raising turkeys on pasture using a rotational grazing system. Next year we will employ this same rotational grazing system with our cattle, using them to improve pastures and decrease weeds.
We appreciate having such thoughtful and motivated hosts for a course which covers environmental, built environment, economic, and social permaculture design. In a time and area where there are many challenges–increasing challenges–to every day life, we are counting on working together to create the world we want to live in. We believe it is one which fosters deep connections between people and place–strengthening ties between farmers and individuals, between the city and rural communities, between self and nature. Along the way we will have fun together–discovering strategies and skills which you can act on to improve your life. Won’t you join us?
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The early bird deadline is coming up–December 16. Please don’t wait–and contact us if you have any questions.