All Water is Life

Have you been watching, waiting, and reflecting on the water protectors at Standing Rock? Watching their integrity and their actions which are taken in a solemn, healing manner? Have you been waiting for the impulse to stand with them to take shape–something other than going out to the camps when that would not be truly helpful; something other than buying a t-shirt which proclaims your intentions but puts nothing on the ground (no disrespect to those who bought t-shirts)? Have you been reflecting on what be offered that would truly be of service? I have–and it’s the sum total of my experience, creative mind, and way of moving through this world right now.

If you resonate with this and want to take action: I am offering my design services with a focus on designing for water*. If you want to take more responsibility for the water moving across your property (residential, commercial, etc….) I will help you conserve, clean, and honor that water–moving into deeper connection with the life around you.

My hope is that by becoming more in touch with our water in our homes and places of business, we can improve the water quality for all of the life supported by that water–including ourselves. We can improve our water quality and empower ourselves as members of our communities to make sure that our water continues to improve. We do not want to be Flint or Corpus Christi. We don’t have to be.  And best of all, the benefits really do trickle down!

So, if you will take this step, I will put 30% of my fees from the project into water protection projects (15% for local water quality; 15% for Standing Rock and other water protection projects).

Contact me here to get things started.

*Note: designing for water in a holistic system often brings along other elements of a full design (soil, plantings, energy, buildings, etc…. We can talk about that at the start).