Design Services

Sheltering Hills Design offers residential, farm, commercial, and community designs.

When we make the commitment to live in a place, we make a huge investment of money, time, energy, and dreams.
The permaculture design process can help you to place elements such as trees, energy systems, water catchment, compost, animals, and much more in relationships that create synergistic connections. Having a design in place allows you to implement the design over time; knowing that you will be creating a regenerative system. Our aim is to save you time, money, and challenges along the way.


Commercial properties: 

Schools, churches, businesses and other commercial sites have unique needs, limits and opportunities. The presence of people on-site for only a portion of the day, changes how energy is used, landscapes are cared for, etc…. Sheltering Hills Design seeks to design these spaces to match highest ecological and social benefits while matching practical needs for the users of the space.


Whether you would like a short consultation, or “walk and talk” or a full design which includes maps, a report with specific design recommendations, next steps, a timeline, and resources, we can serve you. While we prefer working with clients that want to implement their own designs, we are happy to coordinate for implementation of the design as well.

We charge by the hour for our design consultations. Full designs are negotiated based on the complexity of the design.

Note: Some students and clients have asked why we do not publish our portfolio. We will share images that give a glimpse of designs, but we feel it is important to respect the privacy of our clients.