This is what’s going on now:

  • Water is Life design projects to empower local people to take responsibility for their water.
  • (On hold) New podcast with Corbin Baird,
  • Beginning editorial work for the February/Spring 2018 issue of Permaculture Design magazine. on the theme of “Agroecology.”
  • Coordinator, sociocracy learning group (temporary)
  • participant in a spring tree planting to educate, design, and plant more than 1,000 food-bearing trees in near-west neighborhoods of Bloomington
  • Director, Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute
  • PINA: Member, Diploma Committee, chair Field Advisor Working Group, member Regional Hub Advisory Group
  • North American Permaculture Convergence, core group member
  • Designs for a five acre farm north of Indianapolis, a 1/3 acre residential Bloomington site, and design charettes and guidance for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Bloomington.
  • Residential design on five acres: implementation underway.
  • Reading Letters to a Young Farmer, Gene Logsdon
  • Editing the book Ecosocial Design by Andrew Langford
  • Dipping my toes into a master’s degree with Gaia University.
  • Joined the advisory boards for Cambia and Permaganics.
  • Promoting and registering students for spring courses: PDC (Chicago); permaculture design course (Louisville), PDC (Indianapolis/Bloomington); Design Studio (Ashland, WI)–but also possibly teaching in the 2018 course in Belize (Maya Mountain Research Center) and Traverse City.