Save the Date: May 2

It all started with doing the Certificate in Eco-Social Design through Gaia University in the summer of 2017.

One of my big “Aha!” moments at the North American Permaculture Convergence in 2016, is that we have much of the technical information to physically repair ecosystems and support permaculture designs, but we fail all the time at making clear and lasting agreements. Many of our projects fail because of this.

So, back to the certificate. It is full of excellent tools for people managing projects and for those seeking to find livelihoods in regenerative, soul-satisfying work. One of the tools I decided to explore more was something called Dynamic Governance or Sociocracy (decision-making by those associated together). I spent a part of 2018 taking the Sociocracy Leadership Training course (SOLT) through Sociocracy for All (SoFA).

I learned to use this form of governance for decision-making so that all voices involved in the group are heard and proposals and decisions are shaped so that everyone is both responsible and comfortable (enough) to implement actions in support of the common vision and mission. That’s just a snap-shot introduction, but I would encourage you to attend the online conference coming up and explore the website for SoFA linked above.

On May 2, I will have the opportunity to share how we have been implementing this form of governance in the Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute. This online conference is pretty accessible, so come learn more about it and feel inspired by the global reach of this tool with some amazing projects.