2020 Bringing Permaculture to Our Communities

Sheltering Hills Design, LLC


What can we do during this transformative year of 2020 on our beautiful planet? We know the need for justice, regeneration and care for our children, youth, and communities in an ever-changing world which is so very different than the world of our own childhoods? How do we take responsibility intelligently? How do we immediately model how to address climate change in our home-places and deepen our relationship to the Earth and each other as caretakers in community?

We know the moment is now. Everything we do to support the Earth and the youth of today supports the Earth and elders of tomorrow. Will we begin to learn to become the caretakers and the elders they need us to be?

Have you begun that journey and long for the next step?

We need each other even more these days, and we need to be centered and grounded in our practice of a fair and equitable world. If you are worried about traveling this summer with everything in flux, know that we will continue to re-evaluate information and consider the best path forward for all participants. To that end, we have the capacity to do the training on-line. While an in-person event is more fun—we have years of experience providing engaging on-line learning environments that are transformative. We are confident this will be one of those experiences.

Join us this Summer, on-line, over two Thursdays and Fridays, July 30-31st, and August 6-7, 2020, let’s take the next steps….

Bringing Permaculture to Our Community: A Workshop for mentors, educators, and facilitators is presented by Northern Michigan Permaculture and sponsored by Commonplace, a community innovation hub and co-working space in Traverse City, which is just a very, few blocks away from Grand Traverse Bay in the unceded Anishinaabe territory of Northwest Michigan’s lower peninsula.

Engage in a nature-based approach to teaching, mentoring and anti-oppression work

Consider how children are transformative change agents in our culture and society by examining both your generational experience and youth relationships with nature and permaculture design.

Learn the basics of designing children and youth permaculture activities, through Practice, Design, and Information share.

Meet other people who are interested in permaculture design, mentoring, education, and engaging children in permaculture

Ongoing support through use of in-person and/or an online networking group and exploring ways to instigate a permaculture learning network in your region.

Bringing Permaculture to our Community is for anyone interested in learning about permaculture design and ways in which to share/teach it, including:

  • Primary, nursery and elementary educators
  • Home-school parents
  • Mentors of pre-school, K-8th grade children and youth
  • Policy makers
  • Permaculture designers
  • Forest School leaders
  • Scout leaders
  • Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and
  • Anyone interested in Earth Care, People Care and Fair share in education!

This training will include some preparatory reading beforehand and support/on-going discussion group afterwards.

If you haven’t taken a permaculture course, no problem–this will be an excellent introduction. AND, we encourage you to explore information on taking a full, permaculture design course in Michigan and/or on-line opportunities under Events and PDC 2020 tabs, on our website Northern Michigan Permaculture.

This Four-Day training is based on several excellent published resources, along with a teaching team that has 20+ years of hands-on teaching experiences. We are pleased to bring longtime permaculture designers/mentors/educators to hear your stories; support your teaching and mentoring and to share their experiences: Rhonda Baird and Penny Krebiehl with Kate Heiber-Cobb.  Each of these women on this facilitation team have lived, worked and devoted themselves to learning and sharing through art, environmental education and social justice–including permaculture design–in the Great Lakes region their entire lives.


Register at NMI Permaculture’s site.

Read Penny’s latest publication addressing this subject here: PDM #116 – Penny Krebiehl

And Rhonda’s contribution here: PDM #116 – Rhonda Baird – First Things First