An introduction to effective Governance for your project

Have you struggled with any of this?

About the Rhonda Baird and this offering

  • Not being able to share your ideas in a meeting
  • Knowing there were other ideas and solutions, but not getting people to agree on them
  • Feeling some people (maybe you) do more talking than is needed
  • Feeling stuck in older or unhealthy patterns of power distribution, but not being sure how to address them? 
  • Talking about the same things in every meeting and not making progress toward your goals?
  • Having difficulty offering or receiving feedback within the group
  • Working in a small group that needs to expand, but not sure how to share tasks and get the right people on board…
  • and the list can go on…

Rhonda Baird has been a community organizer and student of cultural practices since her high school days more than 25 years ago. After spending a decade involved in permaculture design, she came to the conclusion that we can understand a lot of the technical solutions, but without a way of making agreements themselves more sustainable, we will keep moving in the trajectory we have been. For the past five years, Rhonda has been learning and experimenting with dynamic governance, or sociocracy. As she moves toward completing her certification as a trainer and consultant, she is offering this introduction.

Rhonda also serves has an Organizational Development role with Sociocracy For All and serves as a leader, facilitator, delegate, or member of the following circles with SoFA: permaculture, NGO/nonprofit, Ecosystems, Audience, Outreach, General, and Partnerships.

You can find out about her next permaculture course offering here

We know what we want to do. We need effective tools to help us get there.

What is this about?


This is an initial introduction to dynamic governance (also known as sociocracy) and how it can improve our ability to get collaborative work done. In this introduction we'll look at: helping everyone to contribute their best ideas and work; how to structure organizations to be more effective; and how to work systematically to increase your efficiency.


Volunteers, leaders, nonprofit people, small businesses and others interested in developing more egalitarian means of working with others.


Tuesday, February 1, 6-7:30 pm

Just to be extra safe, we'll do this online. You will receive a link when you register. How to register? Use the contact form above to let us know you are interested and whether you have any questions. This is a session driven by donations, so please indicate what you would like to donate, and we will invoice you for that amount.


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