Rhonda Baird offers permaculture design courses, advanced courses, workshops, and other educational materials and supports for people of all ages. Permaculture design is an amazing lens connecting many disciplines and reweaving the brilliance of community and place. Rhonda’s preferred methods of educational support include dialogue, games, story-telling, and practical, hands-on work.

Rhonda is also proud to have diplomas from the Permaculture Institute of North America in both Education and Site Design. You can find their listing of diploma holders as well as a description of the Permaculture Design Course core curriculum.


You are invited to contact her to find out about workshops and courses coming up. She will try to maintain a listing on this page.

Upcoming Events: 

October 2016: Introduction to Permaculture, Columbus, Indiana

February-April 2017: Weekend Permaculture Design Course, Bloomington, Indiana

March-September 2017: Weekend Permaculture Design Course, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

March 2017: Advanced Permaculture Course–Permaculture Teacher Training, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

June 2017: Indiana University Permaculture Design Course, Bloomington, Indiana