We believe developing RESILIENCE  is the key to a better tomorrow.

We offer integrated systems design and education based in permaculture for people of all ages throughout North America. 

Earth Repair

Decades of poor management means that our soils, waterways, forests, and biodiversity are in critically failing conditions. By working with nature, you are repairing the Earth AND improving your health. 

Personal Wholeness

We can help you thrive in your home, your work, and your community. Through education, design, and mentoring, we empower you to develop high standards of self-care and contribution.

A Better Tomorrow

By helping you wisely invest your time, money, and energy into a life that works better for you; we're also improving life for future generations.

We want to support you in helping the next generation

So we created a worksheet for you with eight sets of probing questions to help you clarify your vision of how you can support the children in your life and community. 

We would love to hear from you about what would help you become more resilient.

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About the lead


I'm  Rhonda Baird

I've been the lead at Sheltering Hills Design since 2006. It's been a wonderful way to keep learning about what is going on in the world, connecting to people, and having adventures. I love demystifying permaculture, helping people feel confident about taking action, and creating a better future for themselves and future generations. I have extensive experience with homesteading activities, homeschooling. I'm passionate about survival skills, and I hold diplomas in Permaculture Education and Site Design from the Permaculture Institute of North America.

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Rhonda and the team helped us feel comfortable, confident, and excited about how we could use permaculture in our home! 

L.M., permaculture design client
runner beans

My experience with the PDC was everything I'd wanted. When I compared it with my friend, who traveled out of the country for a residential PDC, I found I had more experience in my own region, more understanding of what to do next. Rhonda is doing exactly what she was put on the earth to do.

M.B., permaculture design student

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