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Apprenticeship and Mentoring

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You’ve just taken your permaculture design course; or maybe you want to learn more about permaculture in a hands-on way. Perhaps, you are looking to practice living closer to the Earth. Apprenticeship and mentoring can help you on your journey.  

Rhonda currently serves as a field advisor for the Permaculture Institute of North America, and also for the Regenerative Land Management program. She completed her own permaculture apprenticeship in education. And, she has been mentored through nature connection and awareness programs at the Tracker School  and related programs. Through these experiences, mentoring has become an important aspect of her work. Combining decades of practicing, teaching, and mentoring with deep listening skills, we can use that knowledge to design a practical path for you. 

Work from your passion and curiosity

Unpack the permaculture course and apply it to your life with apprenticeship and mentoring

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We all need mentors who are capable of supporting us as we learn and master a skill or perspective. A good mentor will draw out our passions and interest with questions and an impeccable sense of timing. 

We offer mentoring, not because we are masters at everything, but because we are passionate about supporting you in your journey. 

Mentoring could be related to many aspects of permaculture, life, or nature connection. It could be a long-term relationship or a single conversation.

Mentoring relationships are based on mutual respect, curiosity, and an exchange of interest and ideas that supports both parties.  Depending on the situation, there may or may not be a financial component to keep things balanced between us. This would be discussed as we set up the agreements. 


Benefits of mentoring: 

  • Gain new insights and perspectives on what you are doing. When you work with a mentor, you can integrate your own perspectives and experiences so that your learning is more accessible.  
  • Mentoring brings a greater connection to the people that have asked the same questions you are asking and those who care about the same things you are passionate about. 
  • Asking key questions is so important, and a good mentor will help you ask your own questions to guide your learning journey going forward. 
  • A mentor will offer support in determining your next steps. By this, we mean that you will find the most practical and beneficial thing for you to engage in. 
  • Mentoring can help you to come more alive, and this means you are more fulfilled and resilient.


Sometimes we have a specific journey we need to take in our life to accomplish our vision. We can support you with an apprenticeship in permaculture education, permaculture site design, and social permaculture skills — from business to community organizing.

Apprenticeships are a minimum of six months and may be coordinated with the Permaculture Institute of North America or the Regenerative Land Management Program.

In order to engage in an apprenticeship, we will send you an application and conduct an interview. We want to make sure we are a match and terms are clear for everyone.

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