What is permaculture?

"Permaculture is an ethical system of design which reintegrates humans with the natural world." - Rhonda Baird

Permaculture is a design system which cuts across world views. It's a network of people dedicated to a resilient world. It's grounded in earth repair, care of people (including you!), and sharing the abundance while turning away from economic and social manipulation.

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Get a new perspective

Learn to see the world in a new way…

Whether you are interested in taking a Permaculture Design Course or a workshop on a topic related to healing the earth and its communities, a little support can go a long way. 

We facilitate learning, and we have for hundreds of people.

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Make it Do-able

Information is not the same as experience and guidance. We are experienced at demystifying the concepts and helping people see how all the moving parts fit together in a do-able plan. Through our courses, people gain the confidence.

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Sometimes you just want a bit of support after your permaculture design course. Or you would like to learn more about permaculture in a supportive, one-on-one environment suited to your interests and needs. I (Rhonda Baird) have worked with permaculture education and had my own design practice for more than a decade. In that time I’ve connected with teachers and programs all over North America; and I find that I enjoy this kind of connection and support.

If you are looking for a deeper dive on permaculture and nature connection, I would invite you to look at the Touch the Earth project. 

Interested in a hybrid online/ in-person PDC? 

Let us know you are interested in such a course, and we will let you know about our next offerings. 


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This is so fun! I love how I see the world now! Instead of focusing on all the problems, I'm looking at what I want and how that works with nature and builds a better society. 


PDC Student

What Rhonda brings to the course is so valuable. More of that!