Welcome to Sheltering Hills Design, LLC!

We provide some of the most comprehensive permaculture design and education services in the region. Whether you are a residential homeowner looking for some help with a garden or fruit trees or city staff seeking to guide policy, we can support your growth; help you to implement the changes you seek; and work together to transition to a more resilient world.

Upcoming events to get connected with us: 

Green Starts Gardening course begins, Bloomington, IN, February 28

Permaculture Design Course, Maya Mountain Research Farm, Belize, March 3-16

Permaculture Design Course, Chicago, April 7-8 (beginning weekend)

Introduction to Permaculture for Beginning Farmers, Sulphur, KY, April 28

Design for Water, tentatively, IN, May 19

Permaculture Design Course, Montague, MI, July 8-20

Permaculture Design Course, Indianapolis/Bloomington, IN, August 11-12 (and five more weekends)

Forest Gardening and Farming, Indiana, September 1

Retrofit your Home for Efficiency, Indiana, September 29

Team Snapshots:

Rhonda Baird, is the founder and lead designer and educator, beginning Sheltering Hills Design in 2006 after her permaculture design course. She holds diplomas in Permaculture Education and Site Design from the Permaculture Institute of North America.



Corbin Baird supports design process and implementation of designs. We’re glad he likes to lift heavy things. He’s also passionate about bringing educational materials to you in a more accessible way. He and Rhonda have been partners and fellow instigators for more then 20 years.



Gabriel Hahn joined the team in 2016 and has been building on his skills and education throughout the year. His experience in social justice, urban farming, nursery work, carpentry, and broad scale permaculture complement the team.



Together we provide consulting, design, mentoring, and installation of permaculture systems.

We also work together as a teaching team providing presentations, topical workshops and full Permaculture Design Courses.