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Advanced Permaculture Design Course:

Social Permaculture

Bring your vision to life

Set your community on firmer footing

Grounding our society in connection to the Earth

Permaculture design projects will not be effective until the social and cultural container in which they unfold is also designed with care and consideration. For this reason, taking a social permaculture course can help steer everything else toward a better direction and also gives you tools for personal resilience.
This course takes you on a journey of self-discovery in order to:
– reconnect with the Earth, through the first permaculture ethic and beyond
– understand the dimensions and impacts of social dynamics and how we arrived at this moment
– consider the pathways toward a healthier society and culture
– understand how your work, your project, your journey can fit into the larger picture and can contribute to and connect joyfully with allies and partners

Finding the New Ways Forward Together

Drawing on decades of experience in community organizing, entrepreneurial work, nonprofits, academic work, nature connection, and more, this team will help you to gain perspective, develop your passion, and come away with a clear plan of action.

Developing Skills to help you Put it all in Practice

We will share stories from our experience and work on training in specific skills including: nature awareness and defining the vision of a project, assessments and surveying your personal gifts and patterns, knowing where and when to work, inviting others into collaboration, governance with sociocracy, patterns to keep the project alive for the long run—including self-care; finances, and more.

organizational structure and edge

The Details

Where will we be? 

This course will be in-person in Bloomington, Indiana at two sites. Online participation may be an option. This is pending the situation. Any final decision will be made at least four weeks from the start.
In addition, we will use the Touch the Earth community site with a private space for our course. This will be a place to communicate between sessions and afterward.

When will we meet?

The course is scheduled for September 19-20 and September 30-October 2, 2022. Two weeks before the course starts (September 5) preparation for the first session will be sent to you.

Who will be there? 

Rhonda Baird will anchor the course along with online and in-person guests from around the world. This should make for an exciting aspect of networking and bringing you the best of hearts and minds puzzling on this content for the past 20 years and more.
Note: you need to complete your permaculture design course before attending. We are asking PINA to review our curriculum and approve this as part of their ongoing education and diploma requirements.

What is the Cost? 

For the five days, we are asking a flat rate of $425. This includes materials, but it does not include lunches for in-person days. We try to keep our offerings cost effective for everyone.

how do I register? 

Use the form below to let us know you are interested in the course. We will answer any questions you have, and when you feel ready, we will send you an invoice for tuition.


We are in a moment when the world is rapidly changing, and so are we. It is a perfect moment to imagine…to ask as Rob Hopkins does, “What If”? It is a time to design using the best patterns and strategies available to us. And it is time to act for the Earth and future generations.