Advanced Permaculture Design Course

Community Organizing


How we enact permaculture socially is as important as what we build. How we empower ourselves and others to work collaboratively while embodying the core ethics of permaculture makes a difference in the outcomes of our work.

A Better Toolbox

We will look at how systems thinking can improve our social designs as well as put more tools for social design in your toolbox.

Based on Experience

With decades of experience in the permaculture world, community organizing, and empowerment of groups across broad fields of resonance, the teaching team will guide and support the design and tweaking of your project based on a vision of a better world.

Topics will include:

  • Goal setting and visioning
  • The design process in the context of social designs
  • Group empowerment
  • Designing new systems for social justice
  • Governance models–with an emphasis on Sociocracy training 
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Designs for inner/outer landscapes
  • Group and Organizational Development
  • Resource management
  • Self-care and Community Care
  • Conflict resolution and restorative justice
  • Generational roles
  • How this all connects with Earth Repair and Cultural Transitions

Our team

This is the team so far….

Rhonda Baird

Bloomington, Indiana

Rhonda’s been organizing around power differentials and community empowerment since high school. She has experience with organizing around labor, urban neighborhood, forest protection, domestic violence, homelessness, permaculture, sociocracy, NVC, and more. 

William Faith

Chicago, Illinois